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Still have a gym membership
but it’s totally useless? 

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership in hopes of changing your body shape or appearance, only to ditch the membership fee and seldom go?

If you’ve had that experience, it’s worth reading further.

Perhaps you think you need to go to the gym and lift heavy weights like bodybuilders do to get a good looking body.

Most people think so.

But what I am about to tell you is quite the opposite.

The video above is what I got in just two years without lifting any weights.

Without a gym membership, of course.

What if you could have a great body 

without going to the gym?

Imagine you got the body you wanted without going to the gym and spending no money.

How do you feel about what you have accomplished?

What I have achieved through Calisthenics

What I am about to tell you is true.

As a child, I was very dissatisfied with my looks.

I was very skinny and always lacked self-esteem, and I was too lazy to do anything.

When I saw a person with a good physique, I was envious, and I always felt inferior.

At that time, my body was naturally weak, and I gave up on building muscle.

Years went by, and as an adult, I was just as unconfident as I was when I was a kid because of my thin build.

Because of that, I was mentally weak and I was living a life where I couldn’t do anything.

Then, one day, I decided to put an end to myself and decided to start weight training.

Yes, as everyone does when they want to change their bodies.


Within three months, I hurt my back.

Partly because of my injury, but actually I was sick of just lifting and lowering weights.

At that time, when I was looking for other good training methods on the Internet, I happened to find the word calisthenics.

It was the first time I heard the word, so I clicked out of curiosity.

I was completely fascinated by the superhuman people who performed various superhuman techniques there.

And I tried to imitate it, but it didn’t go well at all.

It was a little frustrating, but at the same time, I felt the joy that weight training doesn’t have.

I really wanted to manipulate my body as cool as they did, so I gathered more information.

And I learned that the most important point is to solidify the foundation.

After that, I did a thorough training based on push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, and after 3 months, I was able to achieve a muscle-up.

It was the greatest joy of my life.

After that, the momentum increased steadily, and as I achieved new skills one after another, my body changed in a blink of an eye.

without lifting a single weight. . .

I was able to prove one truth with my body.

You don’t need weights to change your body.

Based on my experience, I was able to successfully become a Calisthenics coach.

And I enjoy my life 100%.

Certification Of WSWCF

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The benefits of Calisthenics Training 

will give you great results!

✅ Master complete body control for fluid, powerful movements.

✅ Achieve a visually stunning physique, while unlocking your true strength.

✅ Develop impressive skills that captivate and inspire those around you.

✅ Sculpt the envy-worthy body you’ve always desired.

✅ Save money by ditching costly gym memberships.

✅ Enjoy the freedom to train anytime, anywhere – no equipment required.

✅ Maximize your results with targeted, efficient workouts tailored to your goals.

✅ Boost your confidence and attract attention with your newfound physical prowess.


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– Features –

Suits at any levels

You will find there are plenty of
contents to help you level up.

Highest quality videos

Over 200+ videos will help you
to completely understand how to
execute even difficult exercises.

Calisthenics skills

Planche, handstand, muscle-up…
Pick the calisthenics skills
you want to unlock.

Building muscles

Build Ultimate Strength
to get great physique
and achieve your goals.

What Is Included?

  • Access To Hundreds Of Workouts And Warm Up Videos

  • Workout Programs – Beginner to Advanced Level

  • Step-By-Step Skill Tutorials

  • Complete Home Workout

  • Stretching Routine

  • Foam Roller Program

  • Nutrition Guide ( Downloadable E-book

  • Members Community & Connect with Discord

  • Goal Setting Work Sheet

My 2-Year Calisthenics Transformation 

Let’s Change Your Life Like Our Member did!

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You can access through any devices.

Desktop & Iphone final final

Members feedback

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members feedback

This guy is good

This guy is one of those hidden gems. I reached out on the forum and mentioned I’m struggling to perform a proper Frog stand, and within a couple hours he posted a video with progressions on how to do it. A few weeks later I’m frog standing. Thank you so much

Avatar for Brian

Response from Calisthenics Tokyo

Thank you for your review, Brian!!

Very good home training program

You wont find a better program for calisthenics out there, most are fake or just waste ur time and money, this program however, really focuses on time and progression. Daisuke put his heart in these videos and shared his own knowledge with us about calisthenics and it is visible in this website. If you follow this program, i can almost guarantee results for everyone. The only reason it didnt reach 5 stars is because the website is a bit glitchy on phone, which is where most people will access the website, it would be very handy for Daisuke to create an app, but ofcourse with time it will happen. In general everything is great.

Avatar for Daniel

Fantastic Calisthenics Resource!

This is one of the best calisthenics resources for both beginners and intermediate athletes alike. The content on the website is cleverly designed and very easy to follow. There are plenty of programs well suited to those who are just starting out in calisthenics and those with more experience. Depending on your level, each one is designed to push your limits and make you not only physically, but mentally stronger too 💪. If you don’t like following a program and want to simply work on specific calisthenic skills, there are plenty of progressions to choose from and loads of supplementary exercises to aid you in achieving your desired skill. The guided videos are very short and informative, so if you need another watch during you workout they won’t take up a lot of time. The videos highlight key points in the movements which have immensely helped in keeping the right form throughout the entirety of the exercises. There is also an included nutrition guide and meal recipes to help with proper eating as well. The website is well-designed and very intuitive to use. Daisuke also sends out emails giving us tips on nutrition, how to progress effectively, how to workout safely, and much more. One of my favourite parts of the website, though, is the Community tab. It’s a brilliant little space to help us connect with other people on the website. Everyone shares their highlights, thoughts, achievements and is an overall awesome and wholesome little area to connect with like-minded people. Daisuke is a fantastic coach and athlete who goes above and beyond to help out the calisthenics community. He not only responds to any questions or concerns we have but also gives us frequent tips on how to correct our form and keep progressing. Keep up the great work!

Avatar for Arash


As you already know Calisthenics Tokyo is a great and easy going program.. helps you supporting your goals and milestone achievements, as we see and keep track of our progression.. passively enjoying the process.. thats the way you grow and become a better person starting yourself and taking care of others thanks to this program i could achieve side to side push in no time! I’m very gratefull!

Avatar for Mike

Really cool

First of all, I like the design very much

I don’t find it difficult to use either

The text at the beginning is also very good, the way the levels and training are structured looks highly professional

my conclusion, good website would be worthwhile for training in my opinion 💪

Avatar for Gennadi

Connect with Discord

You will be invited to private chat with me! You can ask me any questions anytime! I will personally answer your questions!

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Well Explained Exercise Videos


Sample Of Video

Various skill tutorials

  • Muscle Up

  • Planche 

  • Human Flag 

  • Front Lever 

  • Back Lever 


_DSC5385-Edit_November 17, 2021_013

Members-only community

  • We Help Each Other 

  • We Raise Others 

  • We Motivate Each Other

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Downloadable Nutrition eBook

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A balanced nutrition is vital at any age to enjoy a full, satisfying, and healthy life. This weight-management plan allows you to personalize the options to fit your needs.
Focuses on your needs and preferences. 
This Nutrition Guide will provide you with tools to transform your life by improving your health and achieving your weight-loss goals.

You can access through any devices.

Desktop & Iphone final final 2
Desktop & Iphone final final


I truly want to help people enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I’m offering you your money back if you’re not satisfied after the 30 days. However hopefully you can stay committed to yourself and smash this program. 

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