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I’m about to reveal secret strategy for mastering calisthenics …

What is the method to master calisthenics the fastest, by systematizing the ”Progressive Overload Method”, a secret that can yield results in the shortest time?

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Are you facing any of these problems?

  • Are you wanting to master calisthenics but are unsure where to start?
  • Have you tried calisthenics many times before but are yet to feel any progress?
  • While you admire people who can perform amazing moves like muscle-ups and handstands, have you decided that it’s impossible for you?
  • Have you given up, thinking you lack talent compared to others?
  • Have you been thinking about starting, but just can’t seem to find the right moment?

I understand how you feel because I’ve been in the same situation as you.

However, fortunately, I was able to discover a training method that rescued me when I was in the same circumstances as you.

That is the “Progressive Overload Method“.

You might have heard of the term ‘Progressive Overload’ before.

In the context of weight training, this term refers to the effect gained by gradually increasing the weight as your strength grows.

However, in calisthenics, since you can’t handle weights heavier than your own body weight, I will share a method that promotes muscle growth in calisthenics.

In the Progressive Overload Method for calisthenics, you can adjust the load by changing your body position, using your body as the weight.

By incorporating this method, you will be able to learn calisthenics skills you thought were impossible in the shortest possible time.

For example, you can apply it to all practices to achieve skills like muscle-ups, handstands, planche, human flags, and so on.

However, there’s a significant problem here.

The problem is that without proper knowledge, not knowing which exercises to do can hinder progress, increase the risk of injury, and impede muscle growth.

I’m sorry to hear that, but it seems you’re back to square one…

But don’t worry, I have found the right training method and developed a proven training regimen that can be applied by anyone, having demonstrated it with more than hundreds of clients.

They had the same concerns as you.

However, by following the program I devised, they were able to achieve results beyond their expectations.

One of my clients Khalid achieved muscle up in just 3 months.

He gained his muscle mass with calisthenics program.

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For example, one of my clients, Khalid, went from being unable to do a single pull-up to achieving a muscle-up in about 3 months. As you can see in the photo, his arms have become thicker and his physique has become more robust.

Let’s give another example. As shown in the following video, Sondos participated in my program and was able to achieve two unassisted pull-ups in a short period of about 2 months.

One of my clients Sondos.K achieved unassisted pull-ups in just 2 months.

As I mentioned, by using the Progressive Overload Method, you can achieve astonishing results!

And that too, at the fastest speed. Below, I will show you some of the great results from a few more clients.

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Actually there are many people who have transformed their lives using the program I developed.

If they hadn’t come across this program, their lives would probably be completely different from what they are now.

They might have been living their days in frustration, struggling with the agony of not being able to become the person they wanted to be.

What Is Included In This Program?

Let me explain what is included in the program I developed, which has changed their lives.

In this program, everything a beginner needs to master calisthenics is covered.

The program is structured so that essential exercises for things like muscle-up, handstand, planche, and human flag can be mastered step-by-step in the shortest possible time.


Therefore, you don’t need to worry about what you should do; by simply following the instructions and performing the exercises, you can transform yourself just like my clients have!

Special privileges of membership

Furthermore, you can access a community exclusive to participants, where you can share your growth and motivate each other with fellow members!

Plus, with 24-hour chat support, you can receive my assistance at any time. In other words, you’re always connected with a calisthenics trainer!


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What Is Included In This Program?

  • Access To Hundreds Of Workouts And Warm Up Videos

  • Workout Programs – Beginner to Advanced Level

  • Step-By-Step Skill Tutorials – Muscle up, Handstand, Planche, Human flag, etc.

  • Complete Home Workout

  • Stretching Routine

  • Nutrition Guide ( Downloadable E-book

  • Meal recipe

  • Members Community

  • Goal Setting Work Sheet

You can access through any devices.

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Members feedback

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members feedback

This guy is good

This guy is one of those hidden gems. I reached out on the forum and mentioned I’m struggling to perform a proper Frog stand, and within a couple hours he posted a video with progressions on how to do it. A few weeks later I’m frog standing. Thank you so much

Avatar for Brian

Response from Calisthenics Tokyo

Thank you for your review, Brian!!

Very good home training program

You wont find a better program for calisthenics out there, most are fake or just waste ur time and money, this program however, really focuses on time and progression. Daisuke put his heart in these videos and shared his own knowledge with us about calisthenics and it is visible in this website. If you follow this program, i can almost guarantee results for everyone. The only reason it didnt reach 5 stars is because the website is a bit glitchy on phone, which is where most people will access the website, it would be very handy for Daisuke to create an app, but ofcourse with time it will happen. In general everything is great.

Avatar for Daniel

Fantastic Calisthenics Resource!

This is one of the best calisthenics resources for both beginners and intermediate athletes alike. The content on the website is cleverly designed and very easy to follow. There are plenty of programs well suited to those who are just starting out in calisthenics and those with more experience. Depending on your level, each one is designed to push your limits and make you not only physically, but mentally stronger too 💪. If you don’t like following a program and want to simply work on specific calisthenic skills, there are plenty of progressions to choose from and loads of supplementary exercises to aid you in achieving your desired skill. The guided videos are very short and informative, so if you need another watch during you workout they won’t take up a lot of time. The videos highlight key points in the movements which have immensely helped in keeping the right form throughout the entirety of the exercises. There is also an included nutrition guide and meal recipes to help with proper eating as well. The website is well-designed and very intuitive to use. Daisuke also sends out emails giving us tips on nutrition, how to progress effectively, how to workout safely, and much more. One of my favourite parts of the website, though, is the Community tab. It’s a brilliant little space to help us connect with other people on the website. Everyone shares their highlights, thoughts, achievements and is an overall awesome and wholesome little area to connect with like-minded people. Daisuke is a fantastic coach and athlete who goes above and beyond to help out the calisthenics community. He not only responds to any questions or concerns we have but also gives us frequent tips on how to correct our form and keep progressing. Keep up the great work!

Avatar for Arash


As you already know Calisthenics Tokyo is a great and easy going program.. helps you supporting your goals and milestone achievements, as we see and keep track of our progression.. passively enjoying the process.. thats the way you grow and become a better person starting yourself and taking care of others thanks to this program i could achieve side to side push in no time! I’m very gratefull!

Avatar for Mike

Really cool

First of all, I like the design very much

I don’t find it difficult to use either

The text at the beginning is also very good, the way the levels and training are structured looks highly professional

my conclusion, good website would be worthwhile for training in my opinion 💪

Avatar for Gennadi

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I truly want to help people enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I’m offering you your money back if you’re not satisfied after the 30 days. However hopefully you can stay committed to yourself and smash this program. 

This offer ends soon...


$ 27 $17/month 

Only $4.25/week!

For Lifetime!


Unlimited access to all content!

✅ All Calisthenics Skill Tutorials!

✅ All Programs!

✅ Meal plan!

✅ Members Community!

✅ 24/7 chat support!

* Your payment will be completed in just 1 click *

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